Curly cable

Easy connection for industry

Curly Cable UL20137

Curly cable UL20137, TPE insulation, TPE jacket, rated 105°C, 300V.


Curly Cable UL20137

Cable Structure

Cable surface marking: UL20137.

Conductor material: highly pure copper wire strands.

Insulation material: quality thermoplastic elastomer TPE.

Sheath material: quality thermoplastic elastomer TPE.


Electric Properties

Rated: 105°C, 300V.

Flammability: UL VW-1 passed.

Executed Standard: UL1581, UL758.

Other approvals: Cul, CSA / Canadian Standards Association.


Product Feature

Uniform insulation thickness for smooth stripping.
Outstanding Feature: Excellent retractable spring force.

Feature: highly elastic, best for connection under limit space.

Extended Distance: curly section x 3.5~4.


Application Information

Durable for industrial manufacture purpose.

Good for application of Electric equipment interconnection.

Internal wiring & external wiring of electronic appliances.